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Remember EARTH DAY is April 22!

earthpins are high-quality hard enamel lapel pins of the earth, with 24K gold plating.

earthpins reproduce a satellite view of the earth, with terrestrial vegetation in green, deserts and arid areas in gold finish, the poles in ice blue, and water bodies in deep, translucent blue.

earthpins views (Actual size:  3/4 inch = 1.9 cm).

earthpin photo - africa atlantic

Africa earthpin

Shows the Atlantic Ocean, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, India, and parts of North and South America, the Arctic and Antarctica. 


Americas earthpin

Shows North and South America, Greenland, the Atlantic Ocean, and the eastern half of the Pacific Ocean.


Australasia earthpin

Shows Asia, India, Australia, the Indian Ocean, and the western half of the Pacific Ocean.

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